Taisiya Skorina

Taisiya SkorinaBio:
Taisiya Skorina got his Ph.D. in materials chemistry (2010) and M.S. degree in chemical engineering from D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia. Thereafter she was a visitor scientists at Arizona State University (2011-2012). As a Postdoctoral Associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2012 – 2014) she developed an innovative technology to extract potassium from unconventional (low-grade) resource. This multidisciplinary project was aimed at transforming of rock- forming minerals into a fertilizer with controlled rate of nutrient release. Currenty Taisiya Skorina works as a Sr. Materials Chemist at 3M corporation. Her R&D projects focus on development of functional inorganic silicates-based materials and coatings for various applications.

Web pages:
Tutorial on silicates
A new source for potassium fertilizer

Research interests:
Physical chemistry and technology of silicate-based materials, resource-efficient technologies, functional inorganic and hybrid materials, sol-gel technology

Aqueous alteration of potassium-bearing aluminosilicate minerals: from mechanism to processing
Alkali metal ion source with moderate rate of ion release and methods of forming
Ion exchange in amorphous alkali-activated aluminosilicates: Potassium based geopolymers
Alkali silicate binders: effect of SiO2/Na2O ratio and alkali metal ion type on the structure and mechanical properties
Functional materials from local and earth-abundant precursors: Scalable and cost- efficient synthetic approach