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The Atomic Scale Design Network (ASDN.NET) is a web portal devoted to exchange of information, ideas, data, methodology, and software on education and research in atomic and nano scale materials structure and properties.

We welcome everyone who is interested to learn about or contribute to education in the structure and properties of materials at atomic and nanoscale and in computational materials and device design.

Atoms are the bricks of Mother Nature. Depending what kind atoms and how many are bound together by chemical bonds, van-der-Waals forces or just hang out together without making any connections except bouncing into each other once in a while we get all substances from air and water to rocks and all forms of life creatures including ourselves. So, is it worth to learn about atoms? - Sure, it does! And what about Nano? Well, by joining ASDN and visiting our web pages you will find out what make nano scale materials so special and why people talk so much about nanotechnology. As a starting point we may suggest to watch the video lecture of professor Vladimiro Mujica on Unexpected Behavior of Nanoworld.

Go through our pages and links provided to other web sites, which we recommend and if you wish to join us let us know how you wish to contribute in one (or a few) of the following categories:

Member: Individual researchers, experts in computational materials and device design who are interested to join our team and contribute in educational or/and research programs of our center and network.

Sponsor: Organizations or individuals which share our passion and desire to enhance the public knowledge of the fundamental structure of the materials and nanotechnology can contribute with their support by providing software, expertise or cash contributions and we will be happy to provide our acknowledgement in the form of advertising and marketing.

Guru: People who are familiar with materials and their properties at atomic scale we will gladly accept different type of educational materials in any format, texts, presentations, and movies. As long as our reviewers will find them suitable, our team of designers will adapt them to the format of our web site and they will be displayed once they are ready. All accepted materials will be acknowledged and we will have different prizes and rewards for our contributors.

Student: Although we will try our best to answer all questions that we may get about our educational materials, we will have a limited number of ASDN students, namely those who will sign up to provide feedback to our educational materials and tools which we will make available at and through our web portal and network.

Reviewer: Educational materials need to be reviewed by experts. Although we do not provide any warranty to the information presented at our web site. We certainly want it to be accurate and will do our best to correct promptly any mistakes or typos once we are notified. Signing up as a reviewer at our web portal you will help to enhance it value to the community.

Reporter: To be our reporter you don't need to be an expert in journalism. We will appreciate any forms of news relevant to our web site from other media sources. We will ask our reviewers and gurus to check their value and our team will make them available at our web site. Sure enough, you can write your own essays as well.


By joining ASDN you agree and understand that any information you submit will be displayed at our web site and freely distributed to others expressed an interest in joining our forum. Therefore, no confidential information or copyrighted materials (unless you are the copyright owner) should be submitted. The ASDN supervisors are not responsible for the content of any information sent to the forum.