Alexander Shalumov

Alexander ShalumovBio:
Alexander Shalumov is director general of the research institute "ASONIKA" and professor and chair at Vlavimir branch of the Academy of a Public Service at the President of Russian Federation. He received his MS degree in electronic engineering from Vladimir Polytechnic Institute and PhD from Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering. Shalumov obtained multiple grants from Russian funding agencies, won several awards in Russia on his research and technology innovations, and serves as a consultant to premier Russian research and development institutes and leading industrial companies.

One of his major professional activities is focused on development of the software package ASONIKA –a diversified computer platform for automated design and quality control of multi-scale electronics devices. In 1999 Shalumov has defended a doctor of science degree (higher science degree above PhD in Russia) on information technology and design of radio-electronic devices under mechanical force impact. From 2001 he is a member of International Informatization Academy. In 2011 Shalumov was awarded on a honorary title "Founder of Scientific Research School". He was supervisor of more 20 PhD and 12 MS students. Shalumov is actively engaged in international collaboration, particularly in USA and in India.

Web pages:
Professional bio page (in Russian)

Research interests:
Mathematical models, computational design and reliability of electronic devices; mechanical, thermal and radiation impact on electronic devices.

ASDN activities:
Video lectures on automated system ASONIKA.

ASONIKA - Automated system for electronic device design and reliability.
Books on modeling and information technology of automated systems for electronic devices design and reliability.