Life Starts from Atoms

Aren´t all living organisms at our planet made from atoms and molecules? The answer is simple – duh! However, the next logical question – can we (at least in principle) explain all phenomena which occur in living organisms as interactions between atoms and molecules? – is not simple at all, and you can find people around who would answer "yes" (materialists), "no" (idealists) and "not sure" (agnostics).

In this section of our web site we are not planning to have philosophical discussions about the life origin (evolution vs intelligent design) but the facts which are known to the scientists and can be reproduced and proved by other people. If someone discover an atom or a molecule of Love or Soul and some other people will reproduce this discovery in their labs we shall let you know about it as soon as possible. However, there are some molecules which indeed can influence on human behavior, such as hormones and drugs. Even such simple molecule like C2H5OH (ethanol) can modify our behavior and that is why it is also known as spirit.