Dominic Gervasio

Dominic GervasioBio:
Dominic “Don” Gervasio is an associate professor in the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering at the University of Arizona with extensive experience in electrochemistry. Don interest is electrochemical engineering and he has authored publications on power and energy, water-free proton conducting membranes, corrosion, sensors and molten salts used in industry. Don is the 2016 recipient of the Tech Launch Arizona (TLA) Innovation and Impact Award; is North American editor of Materials Research: Energy since 2019, on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Power Sources (Elsevier) since 2007; is deputy editor-in-chief of Material Repoprts: Energy journal since 2019; was Chairman of the Arizona section of the Arizona Section of the Electrochemical Society (ECS) from 2001-2012. Don is a reviewer for journal and U.S. and state funding agencies including the U.S. Department of Energy.

Personal web pages:
College of Engineering University of Arizona
University of Arizona Water Network
Research Gate

Professional and research interests:
Electrochemistry; materials for energy applications, batteries, fuel cells.

ASDN contributions
Fuel Cell vs Battery Power (video lecture)
Cupper Proteins for BioFuel Cell Applications

Other references:
Fuel Cells Revisited: Lost in Space or Finally Down to Earth? (video presentation at RUSTEC2020 conference)
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