Viktor Kuz'min

Viktor Kuz'minBio:
Viktor Kuz'min is an expert in theoretical chemistry and a prominent representative of academician A.V. Bogatsky scientific school. Main direction of his research is devoted to the analysis of influence of structure of chemical compounds on their properties. Kuz’min graduated cum laude from Chemical Department of I.I. Mechnikov Odessa University where he was working after graduation as a research assistant in Chemical Department from 1976 till 1978. From 1978 until now Professor Kuz'min is working in A.V. Bogatsky Physical-Chemical Institute of National Academy Science (NAS) of Ukraine. Currently Viktor is the head of the Department on Molecular Structure and Chemoinformatics. Scientific school of V. Kuz'min is well-known internationally. He and his co-workers collaborate with the scientific centers of Ukraine, Russia, USA, Germany, UK, Belgium, France, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy, Greece and Japan. Viktor’s main research achievements include development of a conception of the informational field of molecule, hierarchical technology of the 1D - 4D QSAR/QSPR models (HiT QSAR), simplex approach for modeling of molecular structure, system of stereo analysis and stereo design of chiral molecules, universal approaches to description of shape of molecules and their structural similarity/dissimilarity with each other. Nowadays Prof. Kuz'min and his group are modifying and extending HiT QSAR for dealing with mixtures of compounds and nano-materials. Professor Kuz'min is a co-author of seven monographs and 297 refereed journal articles. Prof. Kuz'min has been scientific advisor of 12 PhD theses. He is also head of advisory board on chemistry of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Research interests:
Chemoinformatics, molecular topology, molecular mechanics, mathematical chemistry, chemometrics, theoretical stereochemistry and conformational analysis, supramolecular chemistry, Theory of information in chemistry, QSAR/QSPR and drug design, structural similarity theory, chemistry and nano scale.

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