Video lectures and webinars

We create our own library of video lectures and webinars provided by the members of our Center. If you are interested to join our team, please, contact us at korkin

Your own tutorials and web links

Please contribute either your own tutorial materials (or pointers to others') to the ASDN pages.

We will gladly accept any pertinent:

HTML documents: You may have good skills in web design and like to make your own page by yourself. We shall adopt your page in our framework.

Non–published materials: You can send us your text and figures in any exisiting format and we will develop a page for you.

Published materials: We can create an adopted version from one of your papers assuming that permission on reuse is available from the publisher. We can also inquire permission on your behalf. The adpoted version can be be created by you, by us or in collaboration. In any case we shall ask for your approval of the final public version and you can add new materials or make changes and corrections later at any time.

Links: We frequently update our web page with new links to the internet resources. Please provide us links to your own tutorial web resources or pointers to your favorite sites. We shall include them at the appropriate pages.

Contributing files

Shorter Contributions:

For shorter files, you can just send an e-mail to korkin

Longer Contributions:

For longer files, please contact us for instructions on how to upload your materials on to our web site.

Contributing URLs to ASDN

Give us pointers to help us in our Mission to archive the useful materials in atomic scale design!

Even if you do not have your own material, you can still greatly enhance the contents of the ASDN archives. Please give us pointers to public domain or shareware materials which would be a useful addition to our web pags.

Changes happen quickly in cyber space. Consequently, ASDN aims to preserve valuable materials at our stable ASDN site to give permanency to these many useful tools, documents and data. This material is scattered on publicly-accessible – but often lesser known – sites all around the world and so is in risk of disappearing when the sites close or the authors move to another institution.

Obviously, we will give full acknowledgement at our web pages to the authors of these contributions (if this information is known to us). We hope that the authors, by sharing their work with the large and diverse audience of ASDN, may in part have their efforts rewarded with beneficial publicity.

Please contribute good stuff – people need it!!!

ASDN team: korkin