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Uploading your electronic version of the paper

The Internet is no longer a nice and friendly place, and instructions and procedures below are a simple compromise between ease of use and the minimum requirements for computer security

Before you can upload your paper, you need to check if your computer has the ftp client installed. On the UNIX type system, it is usually given. Under MS-Windows, you need to open Command Prompt (it was called before MS-DOS Prompt) utility. Depending on your Windows version it is either Start -> Programs -> Command Prompt or Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt or Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System -> Command Prompt.
Before you send us the files, create a small file README (e.g., with Notepad) in the directory where your manuscript files reside. In the README file, provide us with the contact information (Name, address, e-mail), and a short description of software which you used to produce the manuscript. Describe content of individual files and give us detailed instructions needed to print or view the paper. Then, in your Command Prompt or Unix Shell window change to the directory where you keep files with the manuscript. Assuming that your name is Alexander Smith, and you need to transfer files: mypaper.tex, mystyle.sty, fig1.eps, fig2.eps, and fig3.eps, follow the conversation below (what you type is given in bold):

Connected to
220 FTP server...
Name ( anonymous
331 send your complete e-mail as password.
Password: Your E-mail Address
230-Welcome .. Atomic Scale Design ...
230 Guest login ok ...
ftp> cd incoming/ngcm
250 CWD command successful.
ftp> binary
200 Type set to I.
ftp> mkdir alexander_smith_01
257 "/incoming/ngcm/alexander_smith_01"...
ftp> cd alexander_smith_01
250 CWD command successful.
ftp> put mypaper.tex
200 PORT command successful.
150 Opening BINARY mode ... for mypaper.tex.
ftp> put mystyle.sty
ftp> put fig1.eps
ftp> put fig2.eps
ftp> put fig3.eps
ftp> put README
ftp> quit
221-You have ... bytes in 6 files.

It is very important that after you uploaded your paper, you send us an e-mail message (to: where you tell us which files were uploaded. We will check if your upload was successful and send you the confirmation. Note: you will not be able to list your files, or retrieve them after you uploaded them to the server. This is done for security, so the kids out there do not use our site to distribute the bootleg versions of the software and "other" stuff.

Alternatively, you can send us your paper via e-mail to Please include components of your paper as e-mail attachments, and create the README file as described above.

Digital DNA Lab Motorola Russian Research Center Kurchatov Institute
Nuclear Cities Initiative Nuclear Threat Initiative
Moscow State University International Science & Technology Center
Elsevier Science European Office of Aerospace Research and Development United States Air Force
Russian Federal Nuclear Center (VNIIEF) Russian Foundation for Basic Research
Office of Naval Research KINTECH -- Kinetic Technologies
Ohio Supercomputer Center  

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Evgeniy Velikhov (Kurchatov Institute, Russia) Andreas Wild (Motorola, Germany)

Organizing and Technical Program Committee:
Boris Aronzon Alexander Bagatur'yants Gennadi Bersuker
Vladimir Betelin Dmitry Borisov Evgeniya Davidova
Alex Demkov Rickey Faehl Konstantin Golant
Alexey Golubev Jim Greer Evgeniy Gusev
Pavel Kashkarov Anatoli Korkin (co-chairman) Jan Labanowski (webmaster)
Maria Oseeva (manager) Dmitry Panfilov Boris Potapkin (co-chairman)
Doug Resnick Irene Rybakova Elena Shulakova
Alex Volinsky Alexander Vul' Alexander Zakharov
Yekaterina Zikeeva    

Scientific and Advisory Board
Michail Alfimov Vitaliy Aristov Rick Brzozowy
Evgeniy Dianov Edward Hall Takeo Hattori
Siegfried Hecker Radiy Il'kayev William Johnson
Sergey Kozlov Carl Kutche Gerald Lucovsky
Evgeniy Meilikhov (co-chairman) Marius Orlowski (co-chairman) David Pappas
Vladimir Rusanov Paul Siffert Jim Toevs
Steve Watson    

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