Nano and Giga Challenges in Electronics,
Photonics and Renewable Energy
       14th Canadian Semiconductor
Technology Conference
Symposium and Summer School (Tutorial Lectures)
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, August 10-14, 2009
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Publications from NGC/CSTC 2009 Conference

Tutorial lectures from the Summer School will be published in the book in Nanostructure Science and Technology series (Springer Publisher). Papers presented at the NGC/CSTC 2009 symposium will be published in the special issues of Nanotechnology (IOP Publishing) and Nanoscale Research Letters (NRL) (Springer). The special issue of Nanotechnology will include papers on semiconductor nanoscience and techonology (electronics, photonics and renewable energy applications), while NRL special issue will publish papers on non-semiconductor science and technology at the nanoscale in the same areas of applications (such as molecular and biomolecular devices, electrochemistry, etc.). Papers prepared for publications in Nanotechnology and in Nanoscale Research Letters should be submitted electronically directly to the journals. Please, prepare your manuscript according to the guidelines of the journal that has been selected for your paper. Due to interdisciplinary character of research some of the papers may fit into both special issues. To avoid the request for resubmission we advise prospective authors to send the title and summary of the paper to Predrag Krstic (krsticp{at}, guest editor for both special issues, for an advice about assignment of the paper in question to NRL or Nanotechnology (unless assignment of your paper is obvious).

Guidelines for Authors

Book by Springer Publisher - tutorial chapters: For guidelines and templates click here. Contributors should provide separate text and artwork files. Use of templates is recommended but not required. All artwork (individual figures) should be saved as separate files in their original format such "tif", "eps" or high-resolution "jpg" files. Artwork can be embedded in Word document, but only for placement reference, separate files for each individual figure are still required. Springer also requires authors to provide abstracts/summary of the chapters, which will be freely available on SpringerLink.
Book Editors : Anatoli Korkin, Predrag Krstic and Jack Wells

Special issue of Nanotechnology - papers in semiconductor nanotechnology for electronics, photonics and renewable energy applications: For instructions for authors click here. Note, that Nanotechnology journal accepts only original papers. A few exceptions can be made for review papers, but they have to be negotiated with the journal editors prior submission. The papers will be reviewed by the referees assigned by the journal editors. When authors submit their manuscripts to Nanotechnology, they should select "Special Issue" in the drop down box marked "article type" and then "Nano and Giga".
Guest Editors : Stephen Goodnick, Anatoli Korkin, Predrag Krstic, Peter Mascher, John Preston and Alexander Zaslavsky

Special issue of Nanoscale Research Letters - papers in non-semiconductor nanoscale science and technology for electronics, photonics and renewable energy applications: For on line paper submission and instructions for the authors click here. NRL is the first nanotechnology journal from a major publisher to offer open access.When authors submit their manuscripts to NRL, they should select "Special Issue - NGC/CSTC2009" in the drop down box of "article type". The submissions should follow the journal format as stated in the Instructions for Authors. Since the journal is published in electronic format only, there are no strict limitaions on the number of pages in the manuscripts. However, the chief-editor Dr. Zhiming Wang recommends that regular papers do not exceed 15 pages and review papers do not exceed 25 pages. NRL would consider publishing review articles, as long as they cover a significant topic reasonably comprehensively. Through the Springer sponsorship for the conference, the NRL open access article fee is voluntary for NGC/CSTC submissions, otherwise the introductory fee is US$950 per article. Papers submitted for the NRL special issue will bereviewed by the referees assigned by the guest editors.
Guest Editors : Anatoli Korkin, Predrag Krstic, Zoran Miskovic, Hongbin Yu and Igor Zhitomirsky

Only original research papers will be considered for inclusion in the special Issues of Nanotechnology and Nanoscale Research Letters. In order to maximize the scientific impact of our publications we emphasize that submitted papers should describe original work that has not been published elsewhere. All papers will be refereed according to the usual standard of quality for the journals.

Deadlines for submission are extended: Papers - september 30 (final deadline!), book chapters - September 30, 2009.

Contact information: For all questions regarding NGC/CSTC publications, please, contact Dr. Predrag Krstic .


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