September 15-16, 2002    Moscow, Russia
Satellite Symposium of Nano and Giga Challenges in Microelectronics
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Cracow Program

More details of the program will be provided soon. For September 18 and 19, we plan:

We can add more items to this program if there is substantial interest. There is a lot of interesting things to see and do in Cracow, and we will try to help you in making good choices. We will also help in getting group rates for hotel, which can save some money for all of us. Watch this space for new information.

Krakow is an old and beautiful City. It is a home of Poland's oldest university -- Jagiellonian University -- founded in 1364. It is also a place where Karol Wojtyla started his long journey to Vatican to become John Paul II. While Krakow was spared destruction of the World War II, it suffered years of neglect (if not sabotage), as a reprimand for the openly anticommunist stance of Krakow citizenry throughout the time of shadow of communist regime.

After Poland regained its political and economic independence in the 1989, the city shares unprecedented growth and revival together with the rest of the country. The old historical buildings are in the most part restored in the center of the city, and the new residential areas are growing in the outskirts of Krakow. The Cracow's Universities and research institutions are again setting the pace for the development, and the whole Cracow region attracts important foreign investment and partnership.

Please check your favorite search engine for information about Krakow (or Cracow), or click on few random links provided below:

The official site for E-MRS Fall 2002 meeting in Krakow provides a lot of useful information about travel and accommodations:

How to get to Cracow (Krakow)

The best way to get to Cracow (KRK) is to fly to Warsaw (WAW). While Cracow (KRK) has a convenient and busy airport, there are no regular direct flights from Cracow to Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO). If you want to be in Cracow and Moscow, make a stop in Warsaw and take a train from Warsaw to Cracow and back. There are convenient flights from Warsaw to Moscow and back. Check Russian Airlines AEROFLOT:, and Polish Airlines LOT: for convenient connections. The flight from Warsaw to Moscow is about 2 hours. Check also other carriers which fly to Warsaw and Moscow:

Currency exchange

Advice... 4 Polish Zlotys [PLZ] is about 1 US Dollar [USD]. The places to exchange your currency to Zloty are called KANTOR and there are very many of them in Poland, especially in the center of the city. Do not exchange a lot of your currency to Zloty in the exchange kiosks (KANTORs) at the airport or in the vicinity of the Railway station. The exchange rates there are terrible. At the same time, you need Zlotys for travel. Change no more than 50 dollars, or bring Zlotys with you. Check current rates at:

Watch out for pickpockets

As with all major cities, Warsaw Airport and transportation around it is a fertile grounds for pickpockets. Krakow is much safer in this respect. Be careful, especially when some people, without their own luggage, want to help you with the suitcase (unless they are in the uniform). Best, make sure your documents and money are safe rather than sticking out of your back pocket.

Airport -- Railway Station connection

The International Airport in Warsaw (called Okecie) has a special City-Airport yellow bus service to Warsaw Central (Warszawa Centralna) Railway Station. It takes about 30 minutes to get there and runs every 30 minutes or so. It costs less than 3 dollars and you buy tickets from the driver. You will also take the same bus back to the airport when coming back. There are cheaper buses, but you do not want to get lost unless you know Warsaw. You really do not need a taxi which is much more expensive, and not really faster or more convenient.

Trains between Warsaw and Krakow

The fast trains (Express and Inter-City) between Cracow (Krakow) and Warsaw (Warszawa) depart every hour or two during the day, usually at 5 minutes past the hour. The ticket costs about $20 one way (including the required seat reservation fee) in the 2nd class (which is comfortable). If you are in a hurry, you can buy a ticket from the conductor (report to him at the platform) for additional fee. The travel time is below 3 hours, and the trains have the Restaurant or Buffet Car, which serves pretty good food at reasonable price. Find the timetable below. Disclaimer: It is not official and you should check the official Polish Railways Web site or for latest information and the official time table.

IC (Inter City), EX (Express train) --  less than 3 hours
P -- Regular train (stops on every major station) -- slow.

 From:           To:
 Warsaw          Cracow
 Central         Main
 Warszawa        Krakow   Train    Additional Informacje
 Centralna       Glowny   Number
   03:14          08:33   P 83208 (starts from Kolobrzeg)
   04:23          09:53   P 53502 (starts from Hel)
   06:05          08:40   Ex 1313 (starts from Warsaw)
   07:05          09:40   IC 1301 (starts from Warsaw)
   09:05          11:40   Ex 5300 (starts from Gdynia)
   10:05          12:40   Ex 1303 (Mon-Fri, Sun) (start from Warsaw)
   12:05          14:40   Ex 5310 (starts from Gdynia)
   13:10          17:53   P 13113 (starts from Warsaw)
   14:05          16:40   Ex 5304 (starts from Gdynia)
   15:05          17:40   IC 1307 (Mon-Fri, Sun) (starts from Warsaw)
   16:05          18:40   Ex 1309 (starts from Warsaw)
   17:05          19:40   IC 5306 (starts from Gdynia)
   18:05          20:40   Ex 1311 (Mon-Fri, Sun)(starts from Warszawa)
   20:05          22:40   IC 5308 (starts from Gdynia)
   21:05          01:54   P 13503 (starts from Warsaw)
   23:10          04:03   P 13209 (starts from Warsaw)

 From:            To:
 Cracow        Warsaw
 Main          Central   
 Krakow        Warszawa   Train   Additional Info
 Glowny        Centralna  Number   
   00:05          05:19   P 31502 (starts from Zakopane)
   01:50          06:43   P 31202 (starts from Krynica)
   06:05          08:45   IC 3500 (starts from Krakow)
   07:05          09:45   IC 3100 (Mon-Sat)(starts from Krakow)
   08:05          10:45   EX 3102 (starts from Rzeszow)
   09:51          14:35   P 31142 (starts from Zagorz)
   10:05          12:45   EX 3502 (starts from Przemysl)
   12:05          14:45   EX 3510 (starts from Krakow)
   14:05          16:45   EX 3104 (Mon-Fri, Sun)(starts from Krakow)
   15:05          17:45   EX 3506 (starts from Krakow)
   16:06          18:45   IC 3508 (starts from Krakow)
   17:05          19:45   EX 3110 (Mon-Fri, Sun)(starts from Krakow)
   18:05          20:45   IC 3108 (starts from Krakow)
   19:05          21:45   EX 3114 (Mon-Fri) (starts from Krakow)
   20:05          22:45   EX 3112 (starts from Krynica)
   21:17          02:19   P 38208 (starts from Krakow)

Transportation with Cracow

You do not want to rent a car for using it in Cracow. If you are traveling with the car, contact us, and we will suggest to leave it at some inexpensive parking lot. Cracow is an old city, and driving within limits of the old City is VERY RESTRICTED. Cars with special permits and taxis are the only ones allowed within old city walls. You are much better off using public transportation. You can purchase inexpensive daily or weekly passes, and use traditional Cracow street cars to move around.

Countries whose citizens can enter Poland without visa

Poland has bilateral agreements with most developed countries allowing short visits to Poland for business or pleasure without Polish visa. You need to have your passort valid for at least 6 months beyond your date of entry. If asked about the reason of your visit to Poland by the Polish border officer, please show them E-mail confirmation of your registration and the receipt of the payment of registration fee. If you still think that you will need a formal invitation, we will be happy to provide it for speakers and registered participants who paid their registration fees.

The list given below is considered accurrate, but we cannot guarantee it. You are strongly advised to check with the nearest Polish Consulate (check the list at: Also, your travel agent will know if you need a visa to Poland.

Citizens of these countries do not need Polish visa for short stay:

Albania / 90 days
Andorra / 3 months
Argentina / 3 months
Austria / 3 months
Belgium / 3 months
Bolivia / 90 days
Bosnia and Hercegovina / 90 days
Brasil / 90 days
Bulgaria / 30 days
Chile / 3 months
Costa Rica / 90 days
Croatia / 90 days
Cuba / 3 months on busines
Cyprus / 90 days
Czech Republic / 3 months
Denmark / 3 months
Ecuador / 90 days
Estonia / 30 days
Finland / 3 months
France / 3 months
Germany / 3 mnoths
Greece / 3 months
Holland / 3 months
Honduras / 3 months
Hong Kong / 14 days
Hungary / 90 days
Iran / 30 days
Ireland / 3 months
Island / 3 months
Israel / 90 days
Italy / 90 days
Japan / 90 days
Laos / 3 months
Latvia / 90 days
Liechtenstein / 3 months
Lithuania / 90 days
Luxemburg / 3 months
Macedonia / 30 days
Malaysia / 90 days
Malta / 90 days
Maroco / 90 days
Mexico / 3 months
Monaco / 3 months
Nicaragua / 3 months
Norway / 3 mnoths
Paraguay / 90 days
Peru / 90 days
Philippines / 90 days
Portugal / 90 days
Romania / on business - as long as reqiured, privately - 30 days
Russia / on business - as long as reqiured, privately - until date indicated on the invitation
San Marino / 90 days
Singapore / 30 days
Slovakia / 3 months
Slovenia / 90 days
South Africa / 90 days
South Korea / 90 days
Spain / 90 days
Sweden / 3 months
Switzerland / 3 months
Thailand / 90 days
Tunisia / 90 days
Turkey / 90 days
Ukraine / 90 days
United Kingdom / specified at entering the country - max. 6 months
Uruguay / 90 days
USA / 90 days
Vatican / no limitations
Venezuela / 30 days

If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us at

Additional Travel Information

Check also the following links which cover different aspects of travel to Poland:

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Scientific Committee:

I V Abarenkov (St Petersburg St U, Russia) Wanda Andreoni (IBM Res, Zurich, Switz.)
Isaac B Bersuker (U Texas@Austin, TX, USA) C Richard A Catlow, (Royal Inst, London, UK)
David A Dixon (PNNL, Richland, WA, USA) Andrzej Kolinski (U Warsaw, Poland)
Eugene Kotomin, (MPI, Stuttgart, Germany) Alex. Ovchinnikov (MPI, Dresden, Germany)
Robert S. Pearlman (U Texas, TX, USA) John Wilkins (OSU, Columbus, OH, USA)
Erich Wimmer (Materials Design, France)  

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