Atomic scale defects involved in MOS reliability problems

P. M. LenahanE-mail The Corresponding Author

Department ESM, 212 EESci Bldg., The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802, USA

Available online 11 June 2003.


For quite some time, it has been known that two types of silicon dangling bond centers play important roles in metal-oxide-silicon reliability problems. Silicon dangling bonds at the Si/SiO2 boundary defects (called Pb centers) dominate Si/SiO2 interface trapping. Silicon dangling bond defects (called E' centers) dominate deep levels in the oxide. Recent observations provide a more detailed understanding of the relationship between the structure and electronic properties of the Pbinterface centers. Recent work also helps explain the frequently noted correlation between oxide deep level defects and Si/SiO2 interface trap defects.

Author Keywords: Trapping centers; Device reliability; Electron spin resonance