Selective removal of atoms as a new method for fabrication of nanoscale patterned media

B. A. GurovichCorresponding Author Contact Information, E-mail The Corresponding Author, D. I. Dolgy, E. A. Kuleshova, E. Z. Meilikhov, A. G. Domantovsky, K. E. Prikhodko, K. I. Maslakov, B. A. Aronzon, V. V. Rylkov and A. Yu. Yakubovsky

Russian Research Centre `Kurchatov Institute', Kurchatov sq.1, Moscow 123182, Russia

Available online 14 June 2003.


The method of `selective removal of atoms' is proposed for purposeful efficient modification of a solid atomic composition under exposure to an accelerated ion beam of a certain energy. Such modification can dramatically change the physical properties of a thin material layer. This method could be used to create directly the needed spatial modulation of atomic composition and physical properties of a material, i.e. to produce a nanoscale patterned media for various applications (magnetic storage media, GaAs Schottky diodes and field effect transistors, optical structures, nanoscale biochips, and many others).

Author Keywords: Selective removal of atoms; Patterned media; Nanoscale structure; Ion irradiation; Nanodevices

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