Defect-deformational self-organization and nanostructuring of solid surfaces

V. I. Emel'yanovE-mail The Corresponding Author

Physics Faculty, Moscow State University, 119899, Moscow, Russia

Available online 14 June 2003.


Two-dimensional Fourier transformation of AFM, SEM and TEM images of the surface of solids macro- and nanostructured by three different techniques (laser-controlled atomic beam deposition on a glass substrate, electrochemical etching of semiconductors and UV pulsed laser recrystallization of thin amorphous semiconductor films on a glass substrate) reveals the presence of a similar, hidden, long-range, quasi-hexagonal order in the spatial distribution of surface inhomogeneities (nanoparticles, pores and crystalline grains). The occurrence of the long-range quasi-hexagonal order and other experimental data are described on the basis of a general Defect-Deformational (DD) theory of the spontaneous formation of surface periodic DD macro and nanostructures.

Author Keywords: Defect-deformational self-organization; Structuring of solid surfaces; Deposition; Etching; Recrystallization