Superconducting vortex-latticed memories

Leonid V. BelevtsovCorresponding Author Contact Information, E-mail The Corresponding Author

Department of Applied Mathematics, Donbass Engineering Academy, Kramatorsk 84313, Ukraine

Available online 14 June 2003.


An idea for the creation of vortex memories is proposed based on the phase transition in vortex lattice of layered high-temperature superconductor of Bi(2223) system as well as the artificial layer structure. The transition of the vortex lattice is accompanied by a sharp increase of critical current. As a result we have two stable states to perform the memory operations. Memory devices which are proposed, as both the operative and long-term one, must have a write-in speed of the order of 10-12–10-14 s, which is essentially more than in other vortex-based memories.

Author Keywords: Vortex lattice; 3D–2D phase transition; Superconducting memory devices; Critical current; Two stable states

PACS classification codes: 85.25.Cp; 74.60.Ec; 74.60.Ge; 74.80.Dm

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