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Publication of Proceedings

Submission of the papers for publication in NGCM2004 proceedings is now closed.

NGCM2004 Proceedings will be published as special issues of Microelectronic Engineering (most research papers presented at the meeting) and International Journal of Nanotechnology (papers from Nanotechnology Toolkit session and related topics).

After recieving reviewer(s) and editor comments authors may upload their revised manuscripts via Web as described on the page. In the comments area of submission page, please respond to reviewers/editor comments and attach the PDF version of the revised paper. Along with the final version of the accepted paper you MUST also upload the figures and source of the paper (MS-WORD, LaTeX, etc.) that is required for paper typesetting.

Please, prepare papers according to guidelines for the journal that has been selected for your paper: Microelectronic Engineering or International Journal of Nanotechnology. Use corresponding MEE or IJNT sample papers as templates. Please upload a PDF file containing a complete paper (this version will be used during review process). After your paper was accepted, we ask you to upload ALL document sources and figures (these are needed by the typesetter to put together the final version of the paper for printers).

Two types of papers will originate from this meeting:

  • RESEARCH PAPERS, which describe specific research projects. Most papers presented in the Symposium sessions (Sept. 13-15, 2004) will be in this category. Size: regular paper -- 10 to 20 pages; short communications -- 5 pages.
  • REVIEW PAPERS, presenting an overview of a particular field. Papers presented during the School part of the NGCM2004 Conference (Sept. 16-17, 2004) are most likely candidates for this category, though obviously, some Symposium papers can also fit this category. Size: 20 -- 40 pages.

Initial manuscript for review must be submitted as a PDF file in the layout described in authors' instructions for MEE or IJNT journals. If you are not sure which special issue, the MEE or IJNT, best fits your paper, please, consult a member of the Program Committee. The final version of the paper, which was accepted following the review process, has to confirm to the instructions for authors at respective Journal Web sites and uploaded through the Web interface: If for some reason you cannot use Web to upload the paper, please send it via e-mail to and inquire if your paper was received with a Program Committee member or Editor (due to aggressive spam filters used at this account, some mail with attachments may be discarded!!!). For inquires, we suggest that you use the Web e-mail interface at:

All submitted papers will be reviewed by the Editors and their appointed reviewers. The Publisher reserves the right to reject any paper, if it does not meet the high standard for quality and presentation or does not follow the publication guidelines. We expect all papers to be submitted before the meeting, which would tremendously help in the review process and sketching the layout of the publications.

Deadlines for submission of the papers:

October 15, 2004

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