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International Journal of Nanotechnology

Special issue on "Nanotechnology Toolkit"

This call for papers is an endeavor of the editorial teams of the International Journal of Nanotechnology and the Organizers of the 2nd Symposium and Summer School on Nano & Giga Challenges in Microelectronics (Krakow, Poland, September 13-17, 2004).

The International Journal of Nanotechnology intends to provide a major reference source of comprehensive fundamental and applied knowledge in all areas of Nanotechnology for researchers and scientists as well act as an educational resource for students, teachers, and educators by means of reviews from experts in all fields.

The organizers of Nano & Giga Forums intend to provide a creative environment for researchers, managers, students and everyone else involved in the exciting and expanding world of nanoscience and nanotechnology and its “electronic department” in particular. The essential enabler of the future information society -- electronics -- is at the threshold of a new phase, requiring radical innovations in materials and processing. The future generations of technology will only be possible when significant progress in physics, chemistry, material sciences, and other related disciplines, is achieved. Following the first successful Summer School and Symposium in Moscow (NGCM2002), the second biennial meeting is held in Cracow, Poland in 2004 hosted by Jagiellonian University and FQS Poland (Fujitsu group).

Nanotechnology will be the key technology of this century. This is partially enabled by the development of appropriate tools to look at and form matter at small scale with atomic resolution. These tools include manufacturing (design), characterization and computer simulation at the atomic and nano scale. Both manufacturing and characterization aspects are extremely important as one could probably not exist without the other. Our ability to perform multiscale computer simulations is capable of filling the gaps where characterization is currently not available or too expensive. Manufacturing, characterization and computer simulation, altogether form the nanotechnology toolkit.

Subject coverage

The Special issue of the International Journal of Nanotechnology will address the most advanced state of the art hardware and software tools currently available or under development for nanotechnology in manufacturing, characterization and computer simulations. The papers on experimental and computational (software) “tools” are invited and equally welcome and will be peer reviewed. This will be a truly interdisciplinary issue, as papers addressing the following topics within the Nanotechnology Toolkit are invited:

  • novel technologies for materials design at the atomic scale and nanofabrication
  • new experimental methods for materials characterization at the atomic and nanoscale
  • combinatorial nanotechnology and processing of structure-properties relationship for nanomaterials
  • computer simulation and analytical modeling of materials design and characterization at the atomic and nano scale.
  • experimental and computational tools for nanomechanics and tribological properties of nanoscructured materials and devices
  • new tools for stability and reliability characterization of nanomaterials and nanodevices
  • molecular electronics and nanoCMOS design and engineering tools
  • laser optics and novel solutions for giga- and terra optoelectronics
  • bio-nanotechnology tools
  • magnetic and spin electronics at the nanoscale
  • nanosensors design: fluid, gas and electron dynamics at the nanoscale

Please, note that in this special issue will not address the nanoscience and nanotechnology research per se, but the enabling tools, although the illustrations or real problem solving are most welcome and are required for demonstration of novel technology, new equipment or advanced software in the corresponding field of research. The papers also should not present any direct marketing materials or descent to the level of the equipment or computer code manual. This special issue provides a great opportunity for tool designers to present their new “toys” to the targeted audience of scientists and engineers.

Notes for the intended authors

All papers will be peer reviewed. A guide for authors, sample copies and other relevant information for submitting papers are available in the Papers Submission section of the Journal as well as on the NGCM2004 meeting web site

Participants of the NGCM2004 meeting are encouraged to bring three copies of their manuscripts to the conference in Krakow. All manuscripts should be submitted electronically by uploading the paper as described in page or by sending e-mail to


Important dates

Full paper due: 15 October 2004.

Notification of acceptance: 1 December 2004.

Final version of paper due: 1 February 2005.

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