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Frequently Asked Questions

I need Polish visa. Can I get an invitation letter from NGCM2004 organizers?
The organizers DO NOT issue personal invitation letters that would contain specific legal language needed for visa application purposes. We do provide, however, letters confirming abstract acceptance and receipts for hotel and registration fee payments. These documents can be used as support documents for Polish visa application.
Does registration require an immediate payment of the conference fee?
No. However registration is required for organizers to be able to convey important information to prospective participants, such as abstract acceptance, approaching deadlines, etc.
Is any support (grants, awards) available for students who want to attend the meeting?
No, currently we do not have any support available for ANY category of participants. If/when such support becomes available we will inform all (eligible)registered participants and will announce this information on the meeting website.
However, we have a low conference fee and very inexpensive accomodation available to help to students in reducing the costs of meeting attendance.
I received the information about the NGCM2004 meeting by e-mail. Should I expect the same information to be sent to me by regular mail?
No. We generally do not mail hard copies of our conference flyers except to some institutions/organizations, and for distribution at meetings. We send formal invitation letters ONLY BY SPECIFIC REQUEST to invited speakers and to those who paid conference fees and/or submitted abstracts that were subsequently accepted by the Program Committee. You may want to print the PDF version of the Conference Flyer.
Will my registration on the web site guarantee my acceptance as a participant?
Currently your registration with the paid registration fee will guarantee your participation. However, the organizers reserve the right to refuse acceptance to people or organizations whose motivation or background is incompatible with the goals of the meeting and the spirit of collaboration.
Does everyone who registers have to be also a coauthor of a paper submitted to the meeting?
Currently no. However, as the meeting time approaches, organizers may be forced to limit the number of participants, and assign higher preference to participants who present a talk or a poster at the meeting.
Does submission of an abstract guarantee its acceptance?
No, unless you are an invited speaker. The decision about acceptance of your abstract will be made by the organizers and appointed reviewers. The authors of accepted abstracts will be notified about the decision promptly.
I (my organization) do(es) not have enough funds to support my participation at the meeting. Do I have a chance to attend?
We strongly advise you to contact appropriate funding agencies to support your participation at our meeting. Organizers will gladly provide a letter of support for participants whose presentations are accepted.
The abstract submission deadline is April 15th, but in order to obtain permission to attend the meeting or/and travel funding I need to know earlier if my abstract is accepted. What shall I do?
Indicate in the box that you need an early notification about your abstract acceptance. Our Program Committee will be reviewing abstract submissions monthly, and we will be sending decisions on acceptance or rejection within a month to those who request early notification.
Can I bring my family member to the conference?
Sure... However, if your family member wants to participate in the conference social program, reception, and coffee breaks, we ask that you register him/her and pay the modest Registration Fee for the accompanying person. Also, when you pay registration the fee, the organizers will issue a receipt, which can be used for visa purposes, if needed.
What is the registration fee schedule?
                Registration fee schedule
    Early Registration Fee -- Before and on March 15, 2004:
       Regular participants: 200 US Dollars
       Full time students: 100 US Dollars
       Accompanying Persons: 50 US Dollars

    Registration Fee after March 15, 2004 before June 15, 2004:
       Regular participants: 300 US Dollars
       Full time students: 150 US Dollars
       Accompanying Persons: 75 US Dollars

    Late Registration fee after June 15, 2004:
       Regular participants: 400 US Dollars
       Full time students: 200 US Dollars
       Accompanying Persons: 100 US Dollars

Accompanying persons are welcome at all meeting events, including
the reception, meals and coffee breaks.

We will send you a receipt within a week from receiving your payment.
If you paid your registration fee but you cannot attend the conference
for any reason, we will reimburse your registration fee in full less
the bank charges (40 USD for wire transfer, 4 USD for Credit Card refund,
5 USD for Cashiers Check returned by airmail/first class mail).
I would like to publish my paper in the conference proceedings but I will not be able to attend the meeting. Is it possible to publish my paper without attending the conference? How much do I have to pay for only publishing?
Conference proceedings are intended for papers that were actually presented at the meeting. Papers submitted by participants undergo a regular peer review process and invited editors are asked to enforce the highest scientific standard and ensure that the material presented is original. While in this case, the presentation of the paper at the meeting is a condition of its acceptance for the peer review, it DOES NOT, however, ensure its publication. If you cannot come to the meeting, please consider asking your coauthor to present the paper, or submit your paper to an appropriate journal using its regular submission process.
What is the duration of the talks and the size of the poster board?
Summer school lectures - 60 min including questions and a break; invited papers - 30 min including questions; contributed oral papers 15 min including questions. Poster size - 90cm width x 230cm height.

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