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About Cracow

Krakow (Eng. Cracow) is an old and beautiful City. Archeological finds suggest that people lived there as early as 50,000 years ago. It is undeniably the most important historical landmark of Poland. But history apart, it is an important cultural center and Poland's hub of science, research, and modern industry.

Cracow was Poland's capital since 1038, and is the seat of Polish bishops since 1000. It is a home of Poland's oldest Alma Matter: Jagiellonian University established in 1364, a patron of the Conference. This is the University which gave us Copernicus, and John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla). Cracow was spared destruction of the World War II, and its Old City has been restored to its full beauty. UNESCO named Cracow and several places in its vicinity World Heritage sites. You have to reserve a few days more to see these places. Conference organizers will provide convenient opportunities. The absolute must see is the Wieliczka Salt Mine. Imagine the phantasy underground world of corridors, monuments, underground lake, and even a large chapel sculptured in crystal salt.

The Conference hotels will be a walking distance to the Wawel Castle, a jewel of Renaissance architecture with its collection of Remish tapestries, Royal Chambers, Armory, and treasures of Cathedral Museum. You can spend days just visiting museums (and good restaurants) around Cracow's Market Square, with its Gothic St. Mary Basilica housing a trully unique High Altar sculptured in 15th century by Veit Stoss.

There is much more to see... Old Jewish Town is an important tourist attraction and cultural center. Sukiennice is as alive today as it was ages ago, and the The Barbican and Florian's Gate are the remaining part of the fortifications that guarded the City in Middle Ages. By the way... If you are planning to have a coffe (they serve great coffe and baked goods...) on the Cracow's Market Square bring a laptop with you. The Martet Place is a HotSpot for WiFi. Other places where you can use wireless in Cracow can be found at:

After Poland regained its political and economic independence in the 1989, the city shares unprecedented growth and revival together with the rest of the country. Cracow's Universities, Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences and many other research institutions are again setting the pace for the development of the whole Cracow region and attract important foreign investment and partnership.

Come and see... You will be glad you did...

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