Nano and Giga Challenges
in Electronics, Photonics and Renewable Energy

Symposium and Summer School (Tutorial Lectures)
Moscow - Zelenograd, Russia, September 12-16, 2011
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City Transportation


Moscow has three major international aeroports, Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, and Vnukovo and seven train stations (vokzals), Leningradskij, Yaroslavskij, Kazanskij, Belorusskij, Kurskij, Paveletskij, and Rizskij. Airoprts are located outside of Moscow and travel from them to the downtown may take from one to several hours depending on your destination and traffic situation. Train stations are located not far from the downtown in a few minutes of travel by metro. There is train and bus transportation from the airports to various destinations in Moscow. While train and bus transportation is cheap and reliable, its use may not be straightforward for someone who arrives in Moscow first time and does not speak Russian. If you have a colleague in Moscow who offers you assistance in transportation from airoport - take his/her offer without hesitation, and if you arrive at the week day, taking train may be the best option, since you may spend several hours in a traffic jump for which Moscow is well known.


You can reserve transportation from/to the airport or rent car with the driver from the Moscow City Booking and Travel Centre . For booking, please, contact Marina Astapchik. If you indicate that you are from the Nano and Giga Conference and you want to share a ride on the van, Marina will try to combine people who come at the same time, and your cost will be much lower. Representative of the company will meet you near the Exit from the Custom Zone with the special card or other sign/name which you specify in your phone call or e-mail/fax message. Please, arrange the transportation in advance and provide your name, flight number, and arrival time to avoid problems.

Warning: There is an ongoing reconstruction on Leningradskij prospect, the main highway to the Sheremetyevo airport. Expect possibility of 4-5 hours delay! We advise to use the local tran from the aiport to Belorusskij Vokzal (train and metro) station, which is located near Moscow downtown. Use metro to your final destination: Traffic jumps are common in the city center as well.

In case of any confusion regarding the taxi service you have ordered with CBTC, you may call the company 24 hours hot line phone number +7-903-115-6277


The best way to travel in Moscow is to take metro (subway). It is fast, clean, and safe. A single entry costs less than a dollar and you can spend a whole day there for a buck! You may buy travel cupons in any quantities. Announcements and names of the staions are in Russian but orientation is easy and people are friendly and you can get help immediately if you ask for direction to your destination. Spend a few minutes to study Moscow Metro Map and print an English version to compare with the Russian one.

Metro operates between 5:30am and 1:00am. Many of its stations are glamorous, and look more like museum halls than subway stations. Exploring major stations of Moscow metro is one of Moscow’s tourist attractions. But thieves and pickpockets like metro as much as tourists do! Watch your pockets particularly in a crowded train. If someone is pushing you in the car, he/she may be exploring the contents of your pockets. Getting a taxi is a matter of a few seconds. Many drivers in Moscow look for the opportunity to get some extra money by picking up passengers. Beware!!! If you do not speak Russian, and do not know the customs, the price for the same ride may be twice higher than for the Muscovite. Knowledge of language and customs has its price! However it is still quite reasonable if you compare it to New York. If you are not convinced about your safety, do not get into the car! And remember that you may spend a few hours in a traffic jump for a distance you would cover faster by walking not comparing to the secure and fast metro transportation.

The main campus of Lomonosov Moscow State University is located at the South West part of Moscow City in 20 minutes walking distance from the subway (metro) station ”Universitet” (University). For MSU campus map click here. By arriving at the "Universitetskaya" station exit to the University and go left at the Lomonosov Prospect. If you go to the Main Building, you have to cross the street, and if you go to the Bldg 1 at the New Territory, remain at the same side of the road as the metro station. You may also take a bus or micro bus, which goes to the Main Building (price of the ticket is about 30 rubles).

Warning: Underground passage between the radial (Radialnaya) and ring (Koltsevaya) stations Park Kulturi is closed for reconstruction. In order to get to the Sokolnicheskaya Line (Red, No. 1) from another line use other stations which have passages to the Sokolnicheskaya line. In order to get to the radial Park Kultury station to the ring station with the same name (or vice versa) you have to exit the metro and renter from another entrance. It may take you extra 10 min plus one more ticket.


The sessions of the last day of the meeting (September 16) will be held in Zelenograd. Bus transportation to/from Zelenograd will be provided from the metro stations Universiteskaya (University) at 7 am and Rechnoj Vokzal (River station) at 8 am. At Rechnoj Vokzal station exit from the first car, if you come from the city center.

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