Nano and Giga Challenges
in Electronics, Photonics and Renewable Energy

Symposium and Summer School (Tutorial Lectures)
Moscow - Zelenograd, Russia, September 12-16, 2011
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          Nanotechnology Innovations Workshop

Co-organizer: Marchmont Capital Partners

Venue: The workshop will be held at the Lecture Hall 1624 (16th floor) of the Main Building at Leninskiye Gory. If you plan to attend only the workshop and registered with the Marchmont Capital partners, please register for the event at the 16th floor near the 1624 room. If you have registered on-line for the whole NGC2011 meeting, please come to the registration desk at the first floor to pick up your conference badge and materials. For on-line registration at the NGC2011 conference, click here.

Nanotechnology Innovations Workshop is a summit which invites investors and entrepreneurs looking to develop breakthrough technologies. This workshop is a satellite meeting affiliated with the Nano and Giga Challenges in Electronics, Photonics and Renewable Energy symposium (NGC2011). Our forum brings the world's leading scientists, engineers and business experts in advanced information technology and novel energy systems based on nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology Innovations Workshop unite innovators, business-angels, scientists and engineers in order to show commercially viable project presentations. These projects will be assessed by invited business-angels from the financial point of view and will get a professional technical expertise. A dialogue on the mechanisms that can be used to increase the investment attractiveness in nanotechnology innovations will be initiated. Our forum will help participants answer essential questions such as:

  • Where are the opportunities to commercialize nanotechnology?
  • What are the emerging trends for future research directions?
  • How to move nanotechnology innovation from research lab to market?
  • What are the challenges to moving nanotechnology across borders?

Nanotechnology Innovations Workshop will offer participants:

  • Targeted tutorials by leading experts to cut through hype and reveal opportunities and challenges
  • Full access to NGC2011 meeting for learning and networking with the leading scientists
  • A voice to the publishers, media, and key government and regulatory officials

Nanotechnology Innovations workshop will be held at Moscow State University at the same location with NGC2011 conference.

Workshop participants who want to make presentation shall contact Svetlana Golubeva or Elena Dovgal, The workshop participants without presentations should register as regular NGC2011 participants. Workshop participants are most welcome to present their innovations at the conference exhibition and to join the meeting sponsors. For further details, please, download the Innovation Workshop program in pdf format in English or in Russian.

                     Invited Speakers

Artour Baganov, CEO, Global TechInnovations, Moscow, Russia
Victor Bykov, General Director NT-MDT, Zelenograd, Russia
Daniel Colbert, Managing Partner, Lambert Private Equity LLC, Solvang, California, USA
Konstantin Fokin, President, National Business-Angel Association, Moscow, Russia
Alexander Galitsky, , Almaz Capital partners, Moscow, Russia
Andrey Kessel, Managing Director, ATZ Management Ltd,, Cambridge, UK
Vitaly Lazorin, CEO, Novstream Constructive Solutions, Moscow, Russia
Sergey Mitrofanov, CEO, Brandflight, Moscow, Russia
Oleg Movsessyan, , MSU Science Park, Moscow, Russia
Thomas Nastas, Founder, Innovative Ventured Incorporated, Moscow, Russia
Nailya Nikitina, Chairman of the Council, Astrakhan Regional Branch, Delovaya Rossiya, Astrakhan, Russia
Daniel Radchenko, Head of the Regional Projects, Russia Partners, Moscow, Russia
Marina Shichkina, Director, Russian Association of Innovation Development, Moscow, Russia
Nikolay Suetin, Director of Science and Technology, Skolkovo Foundation, Moscow, Russia

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