Dear Organizers & Advisers for the Moscow Meeting on
We welcome new members aboard of our great team and look forward
for everybody's help and contribution and obviously for a very productive
meeting. We kindly ask everybody to take a minute of your precious
time and register at our meeting Web site:
We will need your data in our computer data base for different purposes.
This information is being kept confidential and password protected.
Some of you have requested the word file, which contains the same information
as it is on our Web site. Please, find the attached Word file. It also contains
additional information about invited speakers and members of our two committees.
After internal consultations we have renamed them into Organizing and Technical
Program Committee (government) and Scientific and Advisory Board (senate).
Please, check if we have placed you in the right committee. This information will
be displayed on our meeting Web site and in the 2nd call for papers at the end of this week.
We can change the information on the Web site and at the final program, if further
corrections and additional may be needed. However, we can not hold on the work on
moving forward.
We currently have 5 sections emerged:
  • Atomic Scale Design: Modeling & Simulation (Alexander Bagatur'yants )
  • Fabrication Technique for Nano Devices (Doug Resnick, Boris Potapkin)
  • Materials and Processes for Future FETs (Evgeni Gusev )
  • Molecular electronics (Alex Demkov )
  • Road Mapping for Emerging Technologies (Jim Greer )
and we are working to add a few more. Ideas and suggestions are most welcome
for both existing sections and new ones. Depending how many participants we get
in each section we may arrange parallel sessions or combine a few of them together.
The most important is the help that we (hope to) get from the members of our two
committees and particulalrly from the section leaders in selecting the speakers and
reviewing registered abstracts and following papers. 
Two most critical problems to resolve now are: 1) where and how do we publish the
proceedings 2) venue place in Moscow. We are working on these problems and hope
to resolve them soon.
We have a pretty good balance among the speakers with regard to the topics but we
certainly expect to get a few more talks in different areas particularly from Russia and
also from Motorola, hopefully by the end of this week.
Thank you everybody for your help and collaboration,
Anatoli Korkin